When it is time to celebrate a person’s birthday or another milestone, it is often challenging to find something that is new and exciting and shows the individual how much they are appreciated. The invention of bicycle trolley tours has created a fun alternative and allows a large party to enjoy the sights of a city in a fun way. Here are a few ways a trolley ride makes any event more exciting and creates a celebration that everyone will remember for years to come.

Alcohol Permitted

One way to spice up an event is to consume alcohol, and a trolley company will allow individuals using their services to bring a selection of beer and wine on board. Not only does it help to liven up the party, it ensures safety as a dedicated driver will be at the helm, allowing those in a group to enjoy themselves responsibly. Most trolley tours do require everyone to be over the age of 21 if alcohol is consumed during transit.

Exciting Sights

There are few ways to see and experience everything a city has to offer like a trolley tour. The driver will stop at designated stations and allow riders to tour breweries and other local establishments, which keeps the party hopping for several hours. There are also a variety of photo opportunities so those celebrating have a way to capture each exciting moment.

Large Parties

Trolleys accommodate up to 14 people, providing ample room for large groups. Ten of the seats will be equipped with bicycle pedals that power the cart as it makes its way through town. Two additional chairs and the back bench provide extra space but do not require the rider to operate pedals, making them the perfect location for those with physical limitations to sit while allowing them to take full advantage of the ride.

Few things are as exciting as a private trolley ride. The Trolley Bike offers a complete array of personalized tours and makes it easy to create lifelong memories. Be sure to check it out online or call today to learn more and take the first step in making any party exciting and unforgettable.